The Lafayette College Procurement Services department is dedicated to ensuring the timely and cost-effective procurement of goods and services.

The department assists faculty, administrators, and staff with the identification, selection, and acquisition of required goods and services while endeavoring to maximize the College’s purchasing power and minimize institutional risks through several methods. These include consortia purchasing; negotiation of pricing agreements; competitive bidding; and adhering to the Lafayette College policies, the Finance and Administration Division’s Code of Ethics, and the professional standards established by The National Association of Educational Procurement.

PROCUREMENT SERVICES is involved in the following:

  • Educating members of the faculty, administration, staff, and students about the College’s purchasing policies
  • Researching and recommending suppliers and product lines that will meet the College’s standards for quality, price and performance
  • Reviewing current vendor performance and pricing
  • Providing the College community with information on products, alternatives, and new contracts
  • Ensuring purchase orders and contracts contain the necessary terms and conditions
  • Developing and maintaining adequate records and files
  • Identifying areas where the purchasing process can be improved and implementing adjustments