Lafayette College purchases a wide range of goods and services.

In order to provide the greatest benefit to the College community, certain protocols, policies, and guidelines have been established. The terms and conditions are outlined here.

Typically, the purchase of goods, contracted services, and the lease of equipment are to made through the College’s procurement director, Patricia Reich. Businesses with any questions regarding the procurement of goods and services should contact the Procurement Director.

In addition to the procurement director’s approval, the purchase of goods and services also can be approved by the college’s vice president of finance and administration or designee of the vice president of finance and administration who has been duly authorized for such purpose.

Lafayette encourages all businesses interested in working with the College to become familiar with its purchasing procedures and requirements.

Authorized purchases by the College are made via a formal purchase order issued by the College’s procurement department. The College has not authorized a purchase until a purchase order is received; all vendors should promptly contact Patricia Reich prior to filling an order or providing the service.

All individuals or merchants doing business with the College are required to adhere to the College’s purchasing, policies, which include providing a completed Form W-9 prior to any transaction with the College. Form W-9 is available from the Internal Revenue Service’s website.  Completed forms should be faxed to (610) 330-5701 or email to: prior to fulfilling any purchase orders.

Lafayette College is exempt from sales and federal excise taxes (PA Exemption No. 75-08039-4) for certain purchases. The purchase order should specify if sales tax is applicable to a particular purchase.

A packing slip should accompany all shipments. The purchase order number must appear on all packages, invoices, and correspondence.

Thank you for your interest in working with Lafayette College.