Lafayette College P-CARD Policy

 Effective as of August 2015


The Lafayette College P-Card is a credit card that offers a more efficient and flexible method to procure and pay for purchases of goods and approved web-related orders that require a credit card within a limit of $5,000.00 and is designed to supersede most orders under $5,000 orders that comply with P-card policy.

Each credit card holder must have a Banner FOAPAL (account code) assigned to it as a default account.  The J.P. Morgan on-line software is web-based and will allow the cardholder to access and enter the account FOAPAL after the charge is made.  The information must be entered by the designated time or the default account will be applied.  The P-card must be issued in an “individual’s name” and not a general department name.



The P-card that you will receive is unique to you – no other person is authorized to use your card (because you are responsible for all the charges on your account).  You may make transactions/charges on behalf of others in your department, but you are ultimately responsible for getting the approval prior to making the purchase and reconciling all charges made against your card with receipts.  You are also responsible for keeping it in a secure place.  The “P-Card Application and Responsibility Statement” form must be signed prior to receiving your card.

All authorized purchases must be listed on the printed Expense Report from JPMorgan and all accounts must have an approval signature by the Department Head or Budget Manager.

All Faculty Travel must have the approval signature from the Provost Office.

For Individuals wishing to use Lafayette p-cards for travel arrangements, travelers should use a p-card issued in their name (i.e., where they are the cardholder); if travel  is for group travel, use of the p-card requires  prior customized arrangements and approvals, such as that arranged by Study Abroad, or athletics.


The P-card can NOT be used for the following:

  • Computers & Mobile Devices (iPad, Android and Microsoft tablets, etc…) –For questions regarding these devices, forward your question to the ITS Help Desk ( / 610-330-5501)
  • Software
  • Copiers
  • Capital Equipment
  • Entertainment
  • Flowers
  • Gift Cards
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Supplies
  • Personal Purchases
  • Restaurants-Food

The JP Morgan Chase credit card uses MCC Codes which we have set up according to the College Policies, and if a purchase is attempted for a blocked MCC Code, the charge will be denied.  If your MCC Code has been opened for a specific reason, and you use your card for an UNAUTHORIZED charge, your card may be closed.

All purchases that are UNAUTHORIZED reimbursement purchases under the “Finance Expense Reimbursement Policy” apply to the P-Card.


Any permanent employee with Authorization by their Department Head or Budget manager.  You are not required to use personal information (such as SS#) on the application.  The charges will be paid directly by the College; you will not use a “reimbursement” form, but will submit your monthly p-card statement, and you will be required to retain receipts and upload them into the JPMC online system, as well as attach them to your reconciliation for the monthly statement of charges so your approver can review them.  The P-card is not intended to avoid, eliminate or bypass appropriate procurement or finance policies and procedures.

A P-card Training session must be attended by the cardholder prior to receiving your P-card.  Applications and information are in the forms section.


As stated in the “P-Card Application and Responsibility Statement” form that must be signed, a cardholder that makes an unauthorized purchase with the P-Card in an inappropriate manner or without prior approval from the Budget Manager or Department Head, will be subject to disciplinary action including Cancellation of the Card and if a major violation possible termination of employment.

Cardholders are solely responsible to resolve issues that may be experienced with the use of their cards. For example, billing/charges questions with vendors, returns & credits, promptly reporting lost/stolen cards to the card issuer, providing required receipts, and timely submission of expense reports.


The P-card is a system that runs independently of Banner Purchase Orders.  The J.P. Morgan Chase On-line system is accessed online.  At the end of each month, the online information must be completed and the charges will be forwarded to the Banner budget account number that is given to each charge.  Each card is assigned a one-transaction purchase limit ($5,000.00), and a specific monthly credit limit, and are based on P-Card Policy and other applicable policies.

  • You apply your correct banner account number, description of your purchase, and approve the charge via the online software provided by JPMorgan Chase at the end of each month. (The posting date for the College account is the 27th to the 26th of each month).  Your account information must be entered by the end of the month or your “default” account will be applied.
  • Print the Report from JP Morgan’s website, match & upload receipts into JPMC,  and attach original receipts, have reconciliation statements approved by your Budget Manager (Department Head) and send the hard copies to Accounts Payable Office no later than the 10th of the following month.  If not received,  your card may be placed on “hold” until the report is received, and you will not be able to use the card while it is on hold.
  • The report and receipts will be reviewed and at the end of the next month, the charges will appear in your Banner Budget.
  • see P-Card Reconciliation Instructions


Due to the complex nature of grants, please have the Office of Sponsored Programs approve all Vendors and orders prior to using the P-card.  In order to charge with the P-card against a Grant Account, you must use the “P-Card Grant Approval Form” and have it approved.


If you transfer to a different department, contact the P-Card administrator in the Procurement Services Office.  Your existing P-Card will be canceled or, if appropriate and approved by the new Department Head, the same card can be set up with a new “default” FOAPAL. If you leave employment with the College, your card will be canceled.