The Process for Purchase Orders

A purchase order must be issued by following these steps:

  1. A faculty/staff member identifies a buying need. The faculty/staff member may ask the Procurement Services Office to identify sources, develop procurement descriptions or specifications, obtain quotes from potential suppliers, and share the information with the department. Or the department can perform these sourcing steps themselves
  2. The faculty/staff member completes a Requisition form using Banner Self Service.  Any quotes or single/sole source justifications should also be submitted at this time. The internal account (FOAPAL) to which the cost should be charged must be included. Once approved by the department and/or division head, the form will be forwarded to the Procurement Services Office. See “Approving in Banner Self Service” for how to approve a requisition.
  3. The Procurement Services Office processes the Requisition in accordance with College policies, procedures,  and bidding thresholds. The Procurement Director will review/approve requisitions regarding the appropriateness of source, price, sole source justifications, etc.
  4. Requisitioning Department should request a completed IRS Form W-9 from any vendors with whom the College has not done business previously.
  5. When approved by the Procurement Director, a draft Purchase Order is created.  When the Purchase Order is approved and finalized, it is released to the supplier and a copy is provided to the originating requestor. The funds are then shown as encumbered in the associated line (FOAPAL) of the department’s budget.
  6. The product or service is delivered to the requester. The requestor will receive a copy of the Invoice and must notify the Accounts Payable Office that the goods were received by completing all the information, signing, dating, and getting the proper approval form prior to sending to the Accounts Payable for processing.   AP will issue a check to the Vendor.