A Purchase Order constitutes a contract between your organization and the College.  By providing goods or services to the College, you are acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions outlined below as well as any terms and conditions specifically agreed to in any supplemental executed contract between your organization and the College.

 Lafayette College’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, which apply to all goods and services purchases, may  be found here 

Broadly, some basic expectations are listed below, but see the PO Terms and Conditions for definitive requirements.


Quality of all materials and/or work furnished must be as specified on the face of the Purchase Order.  All material and equipment purchased will be subject to our inspection and approval after delivery unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.  If materials are rejected, they will be held for disposition at the seller’s risk and expense.

BILLED PRICE must not be greater than that shown on the face of this order or greater than the last quote without obtaining written consent.  The College reserves the right to return goods shipped at a higher price at the seller’s expense.

PACKING, CRATING AND DRAYAGE CHARGES will not be paid unless otherwise previously agreed upon in writing, but materials damaged because of inadequate or improper packing will be at the risk of the seller.

DELIVERY must be made within the specified time; otherwise, the College reserves the right to cancel this order.

COMPLIANCE AND TAXES: All materials and labor furnished must have been produced and sold in compliance with all Federal, State, and other laws and all labor taxes or levies.   Any claims brought under the Worker’s Compensation Law of the state in which the work is performed, are the sole responsibility of the seller unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.  The seller shall hold and save harmless the College its officers, agents, and users of its product from liability of any nature arising out of any patent litigation in connection with articles purchased.  The contractor or seller shall not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, age, or disability in the furnishing of facilities, goods, supplies, or services.

CHANGES in conditions of this contract shall be agreed upon in writing,  and such changes negotiated directly with the College’s end user will not be valid without written approval from the College procurement staff or change order.